Friday, October 31, 2008

Giselle, my NEW car!

Yay for my new car!!!! It is a 2009 Toyota Corolla and it is amazing! It drives so smoothly! When I am at stop lights, it is so smooth and quiet that sometimes I wonder if I stalled and my car is off lol. It looks like me, right? Well besides the fact that I have no tan and am way white, it looks like a car that I would drive. LOVE IT!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Going to the George!

So Bryce's family and I went down to St. George for Fall Break/UEA weekend. It was so great and I am grateful for Bryce's parents for paying for a lot of it. They are amazing people. I just had to tell you a couple things that happened whilst down there. First off, Bryce and I had to stop in Washington City, which is like five minutes north of St. George, to get medicine and oh boy was it funny! BEFORE we even get inside the building we see polygamists! They are like straight out of an old-fashioned church movie. The clothes they wear, the way their bangs swoop just right, it's a sight to see. Well those were just the beginning because once we got inside we were bombarded by them. I walked into the restroom to find 8 of them in there! I went "Uh" ON ACCIDENT! and it was awkward and I just slowly glided through them and into a stall. But don't you worry, we saw more after that! I felt the children looking at me with a longingness to be normal. I know that might sound mean, but I really felt bad for them. It is just a crazy world that we live in.

Then later we went to the outlet malls. We saw this really good bakery called like "Vior" or something like that, and we decided to grab lunch there. Bryce got a salad and I got a sandwich. Right as I was finishing my sandwich I hear Bryce go "What in the world?" A HUGE COCKROACH CRAWLED OUT OF HIS SALAD AND ONTO THE TABLE!!!!!!! We were dying! It was the sickest thing ever! Never go there people! I couldn't believe I just ate a whole sandwich that was probably infested with cockroach poop!

It really was such a nice and relaxing trip though. We went to Touacan (spelling?) and saw "big River" which is a version of Huck Finn. So great!

The Witch's Ball at Gardener Village

A very Creepy Manthing lol

We thought they looked like

This was a really cool prop; it was a witch just pedaling away in the air

This is what Megan and I did all throughout high school.....Act like you are by yourself and smile and be weird...yep us in a nutshell.

What a scary witch!!!

My cute husband, just out of the shower and ready to play XBox while I go make potions

My friends and I all got dressed up and went to a place called "Gardener's Village". There was a witch's ball thing going on and it was such a riot. We were laughing so hard. There were 11 of us and we were all totally decked out in witch apparel. It was so awesome being with all my friends. It's weird once you graduate high school because the people whom you saw EVERY DAY you never see them anymore. Life changes and I love my life, but it was so great to be with my friends again. I have such amazing friends.

Michael, my companion, my trustworthy mate, my best friend....

I sold my car yesterday. He wasn't just a car, he was my companion. I have had this car since I was 16 years old. 'Sniff sniff' I feel lost. This car went through high school with me, through college, and through the beginning months of my marriage. I know this sounds dumb, but I really didn't want to let it go. It was in perfect condition, but it's time for Catalina to get a new car. I promised myself I would get a new car once I graduated college and I have put it off long enough. His name, Michael, came from the fact that he used to be black, until my daddy painted him white lol. You wouldn't believe it if I told you all that happened with this car. So many great memories! I will post a picture of my new car soon. Sigh...goodbye Michael.

Our Poor Dog, the Barbie DAHL

I can't help but dress Allie up sometimes. I always hated when people dressed up their dogs, but sometimes it is so funny! We found this bumble bee costume at Target for 10 dollars and we had to buy it. We also found a pink coat in the dollar section at Target as well. She loves them! We thought they would be a waste of money, but she really loves to play in them!

Maddie and Allie, best-friend-cousin-dogs from the best-friend-cousins!

We had a family get-together at a park in Orem. Courtney brought her dog, Maddie, and I brought Allie and boy did they love each other! It was so funny! Allie loves to play 24/7 and we finally found a dog that likes to do the same! I don't think they stopped the entire time!

Whenever we go somewhere, and we get out the kennel, Allie freaks out! She knows that means that we are going somewhere, and she barks, and scratches, and whines at the kennel until we let her in. So Funny!