Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Two names you go by

1. Cait

2. CaTaLiNa!!!

Two things you are wearing now:

1. Really cute brown-suede flats

2. Piggy-tails

Two things you would want [or have] in relationship: (Have)

1. Trust

2. Humor

Two of your favorite things to do:

1. Just being in the same room as Bryce

2. Playing Super Nintendo :)

Two things you want very badly at the moment:

1. A house! (This Summer!!!)

2. Tepanyaki!!!

Two people who will fill this out:

1. Gerald, he is such a character

2. Deborah, she has such a sweet spirit lol!

Two things you did yesterday:

1. Ate Cafe Rio

2. Finished teaching a class novel about the Holocaust! I love this novel (The Devil's Arithmetic, so good, READ IT!) but reading it over and over and over (seven classes=SEVEN TIMES READING IT!!!) and it is nice to be done yay!

Two things you ate yesterday:

1. Taquitos

2. Way good chex mix in the staff meeting

Two people you last talked to:

1. Jordan (a student that I just told to calm down lol)

2. Holly, my BFF across the hall lol

Two things you're doing tomorrow:

1. Teaching

2. Making a crockpot meal mMmMMmMm!

Two favorite holidays:

1. Christmas Eve (I like it better than Christmas day. I know, you think I am weird, but it is so fun! My whole family and I stay up all night eating amazing treats and playing games and getting weirder and weirder as the night rolls on)

2. Halloween!!!!!!!! I am obsessed with it

Two favorite beverages:

1. Diet Coke

2. Caramel Apple Cider from Starbucks!!! So amazing!

Two people you would like to talk to who are not alive:

1. My Grandpa Paramore

2. Walt Disney