Monday, November 17, 2008

I wOn A tWiLiGhT ConTeSt!!!

Here are the sad students...

Here are the Happy Students!

So I got an email on Wednesday about a contest that Barnes and Noble was having for the upcoming movie Twilight. They wanted us teachers to tell our students that they will be giving tickets to the pre-screening of the movie on Tuesday, which is tomorrow, to the person who can write the best essay about why they are the biggest Twilight fan. I read it to all to my students. There are a lot of students, mainly boys, who are so anti-Twilight. I decided to take advantage of their hatred, lol. I made a little wager with my students that if I entered the contest and won then all those who have been dogging the books will HAVE to read them. They were so gung-hoe about it! Especially my 3rd period. Well today DURING THIRD PERIOD I get a phone call in my room and it is Barnes and Noble and they said I won the contest! I couldn't stop laughing. I told my students and they started freaking out. I was still on the phone with B&N and they were laughing hysterically. So all of them headed to the library after class to grab Twilight with frowns on their faces. They will thank me someday. Bryce just went and picked up the tickets and I guess there is a whole package of stuff from posters to shirts to trading cards, lol and more. I am excited and my students are not hahahaa

aLLiE's FiRsT SnOw!!!

Here she is sniffing it/checking it all out

Let's do some more sniffing

Now it's time to dig and dig and dig and dig!!!

"Mommy, look look LOOK!!! I can't stop jumping up on you because
I am so excited to show you this cool new thing I found!!!

These pictures are from a couple of weeks ago, but it was the funniest thing; Allie and her first snow. The pictures explain it all.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

STUFF ABOUT ME... My name is Catalin and i love stuff. I copied this survey from Cam. Thanks love you!

: Green is where it's at!
Food: This is horrible but I love hamburgers and fries!!!! And with a Diet Coke it would seal the deal.
Vacation: Cabo!!!! I want to go back there so badly
Movie: I am such a documentary person. Put me in the life of someone else and I will watch for hours.
Music: Lately I have been really into acoustic bands. They are almost always chill and enjoyable to listen to.
Holiday: Christmas is so fun! I am so excited for my first Christmas with my new husband! I love the food, the music, the smells, the family time, buy presents for people and seeing their faces when they open them, etc.
Season: Fall -the smell is amazing! It turns into winter way too fast.
Song: I love Jack Johnson and Gavin DeGraw. They are wonderful.

Where I have been:

Hawaii (The Big Island and Oahu)
Mexico (Cozumel, Cabo, and Tiajuana
Caymen Islands
Key West
Washington D.C
Oregon Coast

I really hope I get to go to more places.

Where I have lived

Pleasant Grove

Such a big radius, huh? lol