Monday, August 25, 2008

My Classroom!

My cute fridge

I have to have a picture of my precious husband AND a candy jar!

Yay for school! I started teaching 7th grade English on the 14th of August. I love it so far. I had a really good time decorating my portion of my classroom! I didn't want to put dumb little things all over the walls to take up space, so I went with my mom and Bryce to Walmart and got fabrics to cover on the walls. I got zebra print, crazy I know, pink with black polka dots, and plain black. I then got a cute jazz poster and posted "#1 Jazz Fan" above it. I put up a cute calender and bulletins as well. Fun!

Precious Allie got Spayed

Our sweet little girl got spayed. She is normally so hyper and silly. Well, she was so out of it!! It was like unreal! We were laughing so hard. She would fall asleep sitting up. She was so precious. She was so freezing and so we put my robe on her and she would crawl under it completely. So sad, but so cute. Don't worry, she was back to normal by morning.


My precious husband

Okay this is at the Coca Cola Factory. You can do a taste test of coke drinks from all around the world. Holy cow they were like all so disgusting!!! I couldn't believe people drank this stuff in the world!!! I will never do that again, but it was so interesting and fun to try!

Getting ready to try them

After I tried one haha

Megan and Me

Standing under the lions at the MGM

Bryce and I wanted to go on a vacation right before the school year started. We ended up going to Vegas with Bryce's brother and sister-in-law, Megan. It was very fun! Vegas is always so much fun. I love how much goes on 24/7!

Oh the joys of no food in the house!

Oh this is so funny! Bryce and I had no food in the house. Well, we had food, but none of it matched. So this is what we ended up making: An egg sandwich, tator tots AND curly fries (because we didn't have enough tots for both and not enough fries for both, so we had to make both haha), corn on the cob, and Kool-aid because we didn't have anything else to drink, and we found the Kool-aid packet buried in our pantry. Oh and to top it all off we didn't have any ice. I HAVE to have ice! So I used a frozen otter pop to chill my Aid. hahahahaha. We couldn't stop laughing! It was good though!