Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Childhood Memories!!!

Bryce and I have been reminissing about our childhood. We bought at Nintendo 64 last night and played MarioKart for hours! It was so fun!!! We are going to buy 007 Goldeneye too! Awww sweet memories of our childhood. We also started talking about our childhood cartoons that we were obsessed with and spent hours watching them on YouTube. My top cartoons from my childhood are (in no particular order):
1. Muppet Babies

2. David the Gnome

3. DuckTales

4. Tiny Toon Adventures

5. Gummi Bears

6. Eureka's Castle

7. Inspector Gadget

There are a lot more too!

We just had so much fun! Bryce had a lot of favorite cartoons too, but I never heard of most of them lol. I love him!


The DeGering's said...

This is tender. I haven't talked to you forever! what are you doing with your life!!

Wendy Pippin said...

About once a week I catch my self singing..."gummi bears bouncing here and there and everywhere..." I'm not sure why.

Frandsen313 said...

ha ha ha i love old cartoons thats great Gummi bears was a great one!! My friend has a disney soundtrack with all of those old cartoon show theme songs its great we all need a copy of that :-) My little pony's were always good too!!

Matt Glenn said...

I kinda feel bad that Bryce didnt get to put his favorite cartoons. But then again I dont. He was a weird little kid.

Trish and Kadan said...

You are still one of the only friends I know that knew what gummy bears was... and for that I'll love you forever! Plus other things.. Battle of the BASES!

Kristin said...

So Bryce I have all of the seasons of Duck Tales, Korey loved them too so if you want them I can burn them for you! I got my nephews to love them now so they sing the DUck Tales song all the time it is so cute!