Thursday, July 31, 2008

Kiley's Wedding

Precious Addi
My sweet Jaden
Kiley Being so funny and acting crazy!
How cute is he?!

Here comes the rain...

Kiley got married on Saturday, the 26th of July in the SLC Temple. It was a beautiful day...a very HOT day...but a beautiful one. I had the opportunity of being a bridesmaid. It was such a great day for a wedding. They had the reception up Provo canyon on some property next to Vivian Park. It was unreal how beautiful it was! Such a pretty place! I played with Kiley's niece, Addi, and her nephew, Jaden pretty much the entire time. That's why I have so many pictures of them. Jaden has a tuxedo and he was just precious. I love them so much. We all were dancing, eating, and having fun when I felt a raindrop on my head. It began POURING the moment that they cut the cake. You would think this would ruin the evening, but Kiley was a trooper and made the best of it! We ended up dancing in the hot rain until we looked like rats in a sewer!!! It was such a memorable, and enjoyable night!


Daniel and Kelsie Frandsen said...

The bridesmaids dresses were way cute and i loved the cake!! The little boy in the tux is to die for!!

The love story of Shane & Kiley said...

I love you bestie! Thank you for being in my wedding, it was the most beautiful day that I will never forget. The rain was freaking amazing, I can't wait to get our video so we can watch us dancing in the rain... seriously the best day of my life. The rain which meant new beginnings AND the sun which was amazing! I loveth you:)