Thursday, July 31, 2008

Best Friends Sleepover!!!


Annie after she ate it and fell

Memories....Sweet sweet memories

Caitlin (other Caitlin, my high school other half) was leaving and so she was hugging us bye and we were on the lovesack so she bent over to hug and we hear a CREEIEOROP and her pants totally ripped in the crotch!!!! Shar and I were stunned! We couldn't stop laughing for like an hour! Good times!
Annie Clogged the toilet hahahahaha!
So I know what you are thinking...a sleepover...with a bunch of "married" people? What the...? Well let me tell you it was a riot!! My friends and I haven't seen much of each other this summer so we decided to plan something that would be so fun to make up for the lack of seeing each other. So we had a sleepover at Nesha's house. It was so fun! Crystal brought old notes from junior high from each of us and we were dying laughing. We watched home movies from jr. high and high school as well!! We had so much fun! It made me realize how grateful I am for my friends. I have the world's best and most supportive friends. They all have been good influences on me, and we were all so close from the beginning of everything. A lot of girls don't have friends like mine. I am just grateful!


Daniel and Kelsie Frandsen said...

You are very lucky to have good friends!! It looks like you guys had a blast though i love girls nights they are the best!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm impressed that everyone was up to leaving their husbands for a night! It looks like a blast! Where was Nesha's hubby? Did he just lock himself in a room or did he go stay somewhere else? That is great that you girls have stayed so close!

The Duncan Family said...

Looks like fun. You still look like your as crazy and fun as always

The Eddy Editorial said...

Hi I remeber Bryce when he was little my sister Missy and his sister Juli were friends out in Clinton. How are Susan and Juli doing? Tell them Jamie And Missy Gardiner say hi.