Sunday, September 5, 2010

Older and Wiser or Older and Weirder...

Hello all. So, I was watching Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory last night and i seriously couldn't stop laughing! All the jokes were so funny and they just kept coming!

Here are a few that i found extremely humorous:

-"What is this place, some kind of funhouse?" "Why, having fun?"

-"We'll start the bidding at 1,000 pounds, 1500 pounds, 5000 pounds, your majesty!!!"

-"What did they ask for, whatever it is they can have it!" "They want your case of wonka bars. Ms Curtis, did you hear me it's your husband's life or your case of wonka bars!" "How long will they give me to think it over?"

-"The suspense is terrible. I hope it will last."

-"If the good Lord had intended on us walking he wouldnt have invented roller skates."
-"He can't swim! There's no better time to learn."
-Don't just stand there, do something!" "Help. Police. Murder."

The list goes on...

As I sat there busting a gut, I realized something: I have seen this movie so many, many times and these jokes were never funny to me. Had I been not really watching this movie? Have the jokes changed? It then hit me...I am getting old and jokes that weren't funny to me are now hilarious! This opened up a realm of "realizations" that have made me realize that "I am getting old."

The following are things that make me know I am getting older:

1. Roller coasters now make me a little sick. I used to be OBSESSED with roller coasters! I would sit for hours in a line for a good "coast." Now, I will finish one and think "was that worth 45 minutes of sitting in line for a headache, stomach ache, back ache, and loss of an hour? Don't get me wrong, I still like them, but I am starting to see why older people don't like them. It is illogical to wait for so long to get tossed around in a metal cart.

1a. From the age of 11-15, I went to Seven Peaks almost every day in the summer. Going that many times still never got old. I adored it. Even in college, it was a good day when my friends and I would go to Seven Peaks. The boomerang, Free Fall, rope swing, lily pads, etc. never failed for me. Well, Layni and I went to the Peaks this summer and it was a very different experience. I chickened out on the boomerang, went down freefall and couldn't believe I did that to myself (those who have been on it know that it really hurts your back and hips and it just isn't worth it to me anymore), I wish I had brought a book to read (Are you kidding me? I used to make fun of my mom so much for wanting to "sit in the shade and read at Seven Peaks"), sat in the the shallow end of the wave pool for about two hours, went on the rope swing and it didn't entertain me at all, went in the adult pool place by the hot tubs and thought "What are all these annoying little kids doing in this spot? Stop splashing me! Get out of here!" -okay grandma! Etc. Etc. Etc. Long story short, Seven Peaks isn't the same anymore...

2. I am speaking like an elderly. I now say things like "Wild, Wonderful, Silly, Great, Fantastic, Cooky, etc. Those that are reading and are on the older side know you say these things and know that I have now joined you.

3. I went to bed at 9:15 last night. 9:15!!! I was so excited too! I was wearing my nightie (long t-shirt-like dress thing, so grandma), and was thrilled to be in bed early. Joke, Joke, Joke!!!!!

All-in-all, I am turning into an old prune. An old prune that loves her life! I am pefectly happy with all these changes and can't wait for the changes up ahead!



Crystal said...

Um, I think you remember all the details from seven peaks except that it wasn't with Layni! :{

Cait said...

Bahahahahaah oh yes it was with you!!!! I went to LAGOON with layni lol. HAHAHAHA sorry fran it was with you, it was with you!!!