Sunday, September 5, 2010

Yay for yard work!!!!

So, if you have been to our house lately you know that our weeds have taken over the world! We were, by far, the worst yard on the block! We have just been so busy and the weeds grow so fast. It got to the point where they were taller than me and EVERYWHERE!!! We finally have the money and time to do our fence, sprinklers, sod, gravel, etc. So, yesterday my parents came over and so did Juan (Rick's good friend) with his bobcat. Let me just tell you that it was the hardest day of work that I have done in years. We pulled weeds in 95 degree heat for almost 10 hours!!! That is how long it took to get our weeds out. Finally, it was done. Yay!!!

The most exciting part about our yard is the fact that our dogs will now have somewhere to go. I don't think anyone understands (unless you have 2 dogs and no yard) what it is like to take two dogs on leashes 5 times+ a day to go to the bathroom. Not to mention that Allie is so picky about where she goes and circles in place for about 20 minutes, no joke! It gets SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO old! What I wouldn't give to just open a door and let them have their "time" to go. Well, that will be happening soon!!! Yayayayaayyaay!
Here are some pictures of the last batch of weeds to take to the dump. With three trucks/trailers and about 10 trips to the dump, it was finally done. Here is half of a load/trip's pictures:


Crystal said...

Oh, that sound like a not-so-fun day of yard work. Taylor and I have done some things to improve our yard this year and I realized how badly I hate yard work. I don't mind pulling a few small weeds or watering my garden, but real yard work (like what you did) SUCKS!!!