Thursday, July 31, 2008

Best Friends Sleepover!!!


Annie after she ate it and fell

Memories....Sweet sweet memories

Caitlin (other Caitlin, my high school other half) was leaving and so she was hugging us bye and we were on the lovesack so she bent over to hug and we hear a CREEIEOROP and her pants totally ripped in the crotch!!!! Shar and I were stunned! We couldn't stop laughing for like an hour! Good times!
Annie Clogged the toilet hahahahaha!
So I know what you are thinking...a sleepover...with a bunch of "married" people? What the...? Well let me tell you it was a riot!! My friends and I haven't seen much of each other this summer so we decided to plan something that would be so fun to make up for the lack of seeing each other. So we had a sleepover at Nesha's house. It was so fun! Crystal brought old notes from junior high from each of us and we were dying laughing. We watched home movies from jr. high and high school as well!! We had so much fun! It made me realize how grateful I am for my friends. I have the world's best and most supportive friends. They all have been good influences on me, and we were all so close from the beginning of everything. A lot of girls don't have friends like mine. I am just grateful!

Kiley's Wedding

Precious Addi
My sweet Jaden
Kiley Being so funny and acting crazy!
How cute is he?!

Here comes the rain...

Kiley got married on Saturday, the 26th of July in the SLC Temple. It was a beautiful day...a very HOT day...but a beautiful one. I had the opportunity of being a bridesmaid. It was such a great day for a wedding. They had the reception up Provo canyon on some property next to Vivian Park. It was unreal how beautiful it was! Such a pretty place! I played with Kiley's niece, Addi, and her nephew, Jaden pretty much the entire time. That's why I have so many pictures of them. Jaden has a tuxedo and he was just precious. I love them so much. We all were dancing, eating, and having fun when I felt a raindrop on my head. It began POURING the moment that they cut the cake. You would think this would ruin the evening, but Kiley was a trooper and made the best of it! We ended up dancing in the hot rain until we looked like rats in a sewer!!! It was such a memorable, and enjoyable night!

Oh, the joys of puppies...

Allie has been such a handful! She is so much fun, and she is seriously the cutest little thing ever, but there are times when she is such a stinker. The other night Bryce and I went to the gym. We felt bad putting her in her kennel so we left her in the bathroom. Instead of closing the door, we put up a child gate thing in the doorway. Well Bryce did it wrong or something happened because we get home an hour later and the ENTIRE house is TORN APART! She had gotten into our thank you cards from our wedding that are now in a dumpster somewhere, in shreds. She attacked a pair of my brand SPANKIN' new shoes, and there was cardboard and some other stuff lying everywhere too! She unrolled a brand new roll of toilet paper and shredded that everywhere. To top it ALL off she took a poo and pee all over the place. What a treat! It was like a scene from a bad, mangled car accident. You don't know where anything went, or what anything is, but you know it used to be The pictures DO NOT give it justice. It was unreal, funny at first, but unreal.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Our First Fourth of July Married!

CJ played in a bubble pit!! So funny!

Miley was entered into the baby contest. She was runner-up for chubbiest baby lol

Playing Rock Band

Yay for the first fourth together! Bryce and I slept at his dad's house on the third, and went to West Point in the morning for the fair. Bryce taught me how to make snow cones and I began the task of the snow cone booth with his family. So fun! We then lit fireworks at his house. What a fun day!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Childhood Memories!!!

Bryce and I have been reminissing about our childhood. We bought at Nintendo 64 last night and played MarioKart for hours! It was so fun!!! We are going to buy 007 Goldeneye too! Awww sweet memories of our childhood. We also started talking about our childhood cartoons that we were obsessed with and spent hours watching them on YouTube. My top cartoons from my childhood are (in no particular order):
1. Muppet Babies

2. David the Gnome

3. DuckTales

4. Tiny Toon Adventures

5. Gummi Bears

6. Eureka's Castle

7. Inspector Gadget

There are a lot more too!

We just had so much fun! Bryce had a lot of favorite cartoons too, but I never heard of most of them lol. I love him!